Pedestrian Stacker

  • Integrated drive and lift system features fewer components, reducing risks for breakdown.
  • Truck can be driven with tiller arm in vertical position in ultra-low-speed to maximize maneuverability in tight spaces.
  • Height-adjustability castor wheel ensures floor contact plat and raises load stability.
  • Max Lift Height to 5.4m

Type Model Capacity Load Center
Standard Model NSP10N2 1000kg 600mm
Initial Lift NSP12N2(I) 1200kg 600mm
NSP14N2(I) 1400kg 600mm
NSP16N2(I) 1600kg 600mm
Initial Lift / Rider NSP12N2(I)R 1200kg 600mm
NSP14N2(I)R 1400kg 600mm
NSP16N2(I)R 1600kg 600mm
Straddle NSP16N2S 1600kg 600mm
Straddle / RIder NSP16N2SR 1600kg 600mm

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