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  • Unique intelligent curve control reacts rapidly to operator steering behaviour and travel speed - adjusting sensitivity, cornering speed and angle limitation to meet changing needs
  • Steering control characteristics are modified when reversing, to allow for driver’s sideways position and one-handed operation.
  • Advanced traction control ensures smooth, rapid acceleration and prevents wheelspin and related wear when driving on slippery surfaces or carrying heavy loads.
  • Deceleration rate and stopping distance are easy to control and predict, for perfect positioning and are programmable using Truck Tool.
  • High-comfort, triple-suspension floor offers floating structure to dampen shocks and vibrations, sideways dampening to relax knees and ankles, and thick stae-of-the-art matting to reduce microvibration.
  • Regenerative braking, optimised to eliminate swaying effect at full stop, combines with hill hold function and anti-lock brakes to aid smooth operation, confidence and safety in all conditions.

Type Model Capacity Load Center
Electric NO20N2 2000kg 600mm
NO20N2P 2000kg 600mm
NO25N2 2500kg 600mm
NO25N2P 2500kg 600mm
NO12N2F 1200kg 600mm
NO12N2FP 1200kg 600mm

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