Fleet Management System

Give Us Your Fleet, Get Back Peace of Mind 

At Cat® Lift Trucks, we think of fleet management as a way for us to help you (our customers) help yourselves. Contracting with, and relying on, our lift truck experts for material handling equipment and services allows you to concentrate on your business, not your lift trucks. 

We see fleet management as a way to help you find the best lift truck utilization that fits all your applications. 

Our key focus is to help you reduce fleet size, improve asset utilization, anticipate when a truck should be relocated, and when it should be replaced. When we manage your fleet, rest assure that our trained experts will examine ways to minimize owning and operating costs, evaluating the economics of your fleet so that your bottom line will always be in the black. 

Choose from our list of options your company needs to make your lift trucks as profitable as possible. Click here to request that your dealer contact you for a customized and personal presentation.