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Why is PM so Important?


The well-being of lift truck has a huge impact on the overall efficiency in your business.
Did you know that some corporate managers value lift truck downtime cost at thousands of dollars per minutes?
That is right, not per hour! Failure to timely diagnose any potential malfunction and operational issue with your lift truck
can have dire costs, both of time and money.

Beside having regular inspection your lift truck on a daily basis, adhering to a planned maintenance (PM) schedule can
prove to be one of the best business decisions of operation or facility managers, why did they do that?

Avoid Costly Downtime

A PM prevents bad surprises that might abruptly stop the work and interrupt processes in your production.
This interruption can cost a great deal on money, time and even reputation.

Reduce Repair Costs

The more maintenance you regularly performed, the lower your repair bill will be.
That is because regular PM should help you catch little problem before they snowball into bigger problems.

Prevent Operational Downtime

When lift truck breaks down comes, it causes to a standstill in your production and operation,
your staff on the ground suddenly unproductive becoming a profit drain to the company.
A proper PM helps you save money to repair problems quickly and efficiently by our trained and qualified technicians.

Increase Forklift Life

Machine longevity is one of the most important factors in maximizing profits and staying ahead in the industry.
Taking and following a proper PM schedule will ensure running to its fullest potential extend the lifespan of your lift truck.

Sign Up for Planned Maintenance

Contact your local Cat® Lift Trucks dealer to discuss your needs!  Our experienced maintenance and repair professional
will keep your material handling equipment running smoothly with an affordable price.
Count on them to save your resources on managing your valuable assets!