Internal Combustion Pneumatic Tire Lift Trucks

1.5 ~ 3.5 Ton Capacity - Diesel, Gas & LP Gas, Pneumatic Tire

  • Presence Detection System (PDS) prevents potential accidents caused by unexpected movement of unmanned lift trucks.
  • Full-Suspension Seat and Tilt Steering features increases operator comfort which result in better productivity
  • Environmentally friendly engines meet or exceed EPA requirements.
  • Fuel Saver (Soft) Mode reduces fuel consumption for maximum fuel efficiency. (Gasoline electronic engine)

Type Model Capacity Load Center
Diesel DP15N 1500kg 500mm
DP18N 1750kg 500mm
DP20CN 2000kg 500mm
DP20N 2000kg 500mm
DP25N 2500kg 500mm
DP30N 3000kg 500mm
DP35N 3500kg 500mm
Gasoline GP15N 1500kg 500mm
GP15ZN 1500kg 500mm
GP18N 1750kg 500mm
GP18ZN 1750kg 500mm
GP20CN 2000kg 500mm
GP20N 2000kg 500mm
GP20ZN 2000kg 500mm
GP25N 2500kg 500mm
GP25ZN 2500kg 500mm
GP30N 3000kg 500mm
GP35N 3500kg 500mm
Electronic Controlled Gasoline GPE15N 1500kg 500mm
GPE18N 1750kg 500mm
GPE20CN 2000kg 500mm
GPE20N 2000kg 500mm
GPE20ZN 2000kg 500mm
GPE25N 2500kg 500mm
GPE25ZN 2500kg 500mm
GPE30N 3000kg 500mm
GPE35N 3500kg 500mm

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