Internal Combustion Pneumatic Tire Lift Trucks

4.0 ~ 5.5 Ton Capacity - Diesel, Gas & LP Gas, Pneumatic Tire

  • Presence Detection System (PDS+) prevents potential accidents caused by unexpected movement of unmanned lift trucks.
  • Well-placed controls and advanced ergonomics reduce operator strain, resulting in better work efficiency.
  • Tough Base with low center of gravity result in better durability, performance and enhanced stability.
  • Toughened steel mast are strong and resist bending. Narrow flanges and a tapered fork bars also provide better visibilities.
  • Improved brake design reduces work, time and cost for service.
  • Powerful diesel S6S engine and electronically controlled TB45 gasoline engine deliver high power yet low emission.

Type Model Capacity Load Center
Diesel DP40N 4000kg 500mm
DP45N 4500kg 500mm
DP50CN 5000kg 500mm
DP50N 5000kg 600mm
DP55N 5500kg 600mm
Gasoline GP40N 4000kg 500mm
GP45N 4500kg 500mm
GP50CN 5000kg 500mm
GP50N 5000kg 600mm
GP55N 5500kg 600mm

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