Pedestrian Stacker

This range of stackers, incorporating all the latest technology, is designed for short shuttle applications and stacking up to 5.4m. With a wide choice of pedestrian and fold-down platform models, you will find a reliable and productive workhorse or any warehouse.

  • Latest AC technology keeps energy consumption and maintenance costs to bare minimum.
  • Closed Chassis and waterproof electrics resistance to moisture, dirt and corrosion prolonging truck life.
  • Integrated drive and lift system features fewer components than previous models, reducing scope for breakdown.


Type Model Capacity Load Center
Standard Model  NSP12PC  1250kg 600mm
Standard Model NSP10N2 1000kg 600mm
Initial Lift NSP12N2(I) 1200kg 600mm
NSP14N2(I) 1400kg 600mm
NSP16N2(I) 1600kg 600mm
Initial Lift / Rider NSP12N2(I)R 1200kg 600mm
NSP14N2(I)R 1400kg 600mm
NSP16N2(I)R 1600kg 600mm
Straddle NSP16N2S 1600kg 600mm
Straddle / Rider NSP16N2SR 1600kg 600mm

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