Sit-on Reach Trucks

Sit-On Reach

  • Easy access to all components with maintenance - free AC power and long service interval to minimize downtime.
  • Latest pre-set height selector allowing faster, safer stacking, increasing productivity, (Option)
  • Rigid chassis, inbuilt operator protection, programmable mast and standard Passive Sway Control helps maintain safety.

Type Model Capacity Load Center
Electric NR14N2S 1400kg 600mm
NR14N2HS 1400kg 600mm
NR16N2S 1600kg 600mm
NR16N2HS 1600kg 600mm
NR16N2 1600kg 600mm
NR16N2C 1600kg 600mm
NR16N2H 1600kg 600mm
NR16N2HC 1600kg 600mm
NR20N2H 2000kg 600mm
NR20N2X 2000kg 600mm
NR25N2X 2500kg 600mm

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