Stand-on Reach Trucks

Stand-On Reach

  • Ergonomic designed to fit operator to maintain optimal driving posture. Large brake pedal facilities usage and enhances comfort and safety.
  • AC Energy Regeneration System prevents wasteful power consumption.
  • Mast’s shock-reduction feature kicks in with soft landing, thereby prevents damage to valuable cargo.

Type Model Capacity Load Center
Electric NRS10NCB1 1000kg 500mm
NRS12NCB1 1200kg 500mm
NRS12CB1 1200kg 500mm
NRS12LCB1 1200kg 500mm
NRS15CB1 1500kg 500mm
NRS18CB1 1800kg 500mm
NRS15LCB1 1500kg 500mm
NRS18LCB1 1800kg 500mm
NRS20CB1 2000kg 500mm
NRS25CB1 2500kg 500mm
NRS30CB1 3000kg 500mm
NRS20LCB1 2000kg 500mm
NRS25LCB1 2500kg 500mm
NRS30LCB1 3000kg 500mm

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