Order Pickers

Mid and High Level, Order Picker

  • Heavy duty 48V NOH12PH reaches picking locations as high as 12.1m and has unequalled 1.25 ton capacity.
  • Pick height for 24V NOM10P goes up to 9.85m.
  • Latest AC drive motor technology provides greater torque, efficiency and control with minimal maintenance.
  • ECO mode can be selected to slow operation slightly while saving significantly (about 5-6%) on energy consumption.
  • SecurGate side gate system reduces fall risk when used at any height, prevents truck operation if gates are open above 1.2m.
  • PowerRamic mast and transparent front panels improve view for safe, accurate operation.

Type Model Capacity Load Center
Electric  NOM10P 1000kg 600mm
Electric NOH12PH 1250kg 600mm


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