Power Pallet Trucks

Platform, Power Pallet Truck

Designed for load transport over medium and long distances, as well as vehicle loading and unloading, these power pallet trucks reduce the legwork with their fold-down or fixed ride-on platforms, the range includes a double pallet handler that halves the number of movements required.


The NPF25N2 offers a higher lift capacity (2.5 tons) and a more powerful battery for the heaviest loads and most intensive applications. Its fixed platform and side barriers, with an integrated backrest, increase driver protection and comfort.

  • Increased forklift height suits work even on steep ramps and loading docks
  • Narrower truck body allows loading/unloading in small confined areas
  • Fast maximum drive speed (12 km/h unloaded, 9 km/h loaded) boosts performance of fixed platform model
  • Electric steering wheel with crosswise driving position increases efficiency over longer distances
  • AC motor results in very precise drive control, for easier operation.


Type Model Capacity Load Center
Electric NPF25N2 2500kg 600mm

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