Turret Trucks

Man-up Turret Trucks

  • Seven-model NVT range covers lifting heights up to 19 metres* and capacities between 1.1 and 2.0 tons
  • Offers optimum space utilisation, overall truck width to suit 1.0 - 1.9m
  • Duplex mast choice for all lift heights offers higher productivity and performance
  • Ergonomically equipped cabin fitted with one of several console options to suit the operator and business
  • Adjustable load wheel height allows easy compensation for height differences from wear between wheels.
  • Battery change is quick and easy using a counterbalance lift truck.

Type            Model    Capacity  Load Center 
Electric   NVT11 1100kg   600mm
 Electric    NVT12 1200kg   600mm
Electric    NVT13 1300kg   600mm
 Electric   NVT14 1350kg  600mm
Electric    NVT15 1500kg   600mm
Electric    NVT15XL 1500kg   600mm
 Electric   NVT20 2000kg   600mm

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