Internal Combustion Pneumatic Tire Lift Trucks

10.0 ~ 23.0 Ton Capacity - Diesel Pneumatic Tire

    • Choice between Economy Mode or Power Mode for better operational productivity
    • Automatic adjustments between transmission gear changes
    • Turbo charged engine delivers high level of power and torque that makes climbing steep slopes and lifting heavy loads look effortless.
    • Small steering wheel maximizes operator comfort and improves driving experience.
    • Full display instrument panel provides comprehensive and real time information.
    • Electrically controlled direction change lever increases efficiency and reduces operator fatigue. 

Type  Model  Capacity  Load Center 
 Diesel DP100NL  10000kg  600mm
 Diesel DP115NL   11500kg  600mm
 Diesel DP120NL   12000kg  600mm
 Diesel DP135NL  13500kg  600mm
 Diesel DP150SNL   15000kg  600mm
 Diesel DP160SNL   16000kg  600mm

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