Electric Counterbalanced Pneumatic Tire Lift Truck

4.0 ~ 5.5 Ton Capacity - Four Wheel, Pneumatic Tire

With the power and efficiency to challenge and IC Engine lift truck, but no emission, this range maximises every electric advantage. Enjoy quiet comfort and safer, faster, more agile performance, while reducing your overall operating costs.

  • Best-in-class energy efficiency extends working hours (runtime) per battery charge.


  • Responsive Drive System (RDS) adapts performance rapidly in reaction to speed of pedal and hydraulic control operation, and ensures all movements, stops and starts are smooth.


  • OmniTurn all-wheel steering offers better grip, smoother turning and unbeatably agile manoeuvring, aided by a +100° rear turning axle which enables instant side turns with no initial backward movement.


  • Market-leading SilentRun+ hydraulic pumps, quiet drive units and other low-noise technologies keep driver comfortable and stress-free, increase awareness of surrounding activity and avoid disturbing neighbours and co-workers.


  • Air conditioner option and Heater option allows operators heat up/cool down the cabin. (Optional)

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